• 8.5-9mm Tennyo天女 Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace Multi-way

    This is the necklace with endless possibilities!
    The main part is 8.5-9mm Tennyo (Best of the best Akoya Pearls) Japanese Akoya Pearls, approximately 33cm in length. 
    It has 2 Freshwater Teardrop Pearls attached to it, and they dangle as you move.
    This necklace can be worn as a choker ,a standard necklace or a long necklace, depending on how you like it. 
    It comes with the Pearl Science Laboratory certificate stating that this strand is Tennyo天女 grade.
    Length: 33-80cm approximately 
    Lustre: Top, Mirror Effect 
    Shape: Round 
    Blemishes: Almost None 
    Clasp: None

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