• 7.5-8mm特選真珠PEPCA Specially Selected Pearl Akoya Necklace

    Have you ever wondered what kind of Japanese Akoya Pearls are worn by the Japanese Royal Family?
    The answer is - strands like this one.
    Specially Selected Pearl Certificates issued by PEPCA is the most prestigious and they are only given to the best pearls. Usually, less than 300 Certificates are issued per year, for all the pearls farmed that year, including all types of pearls. 
    It is the pearl strand for pearl addicts, pearl collectors or a lady who only deserves the best of things. 
    Size: 7.5-8mm
    Lustre: Top, Mirror Effect 
    Hues: Pinkish Blue
    Blemishes: Almost None
    Shape: Round
    Length: Approximately 45cm, Standard Length
    Clasp: Gold Lantern Clasp

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